Help With Sizing

Finding Your Ring Size

There are a few ways to figure out your ring size. I really like this website which provides a few different methods: Find My Ring Size. If this does not meet your needs then the next best bet is to stop into a jewelry shop and have them measure your finger for you with a ring sizer. You can also bring a ring with you that fits the finger you want to order for and find out what size it is.

Measuring for Cuff Bracelets

Refer to the chart below when specifying your cuff size.

Size Measurement in Inches
X-Small 5.0" – 5.5”
Small 5.5" – 6.0”
Medium 6.0" – 6.5”
Large 6.5" – 7.0”
X-Large 7.0" – 7.5"


How to Measure for Cuff Size:

Use a flexible tailor’s tape to take your measurements. Measure the circumference of your wrist by fitting it right above the wrist bone. See photo for reference. Please let me know if you require additional assistance with this. I am here to help.

Cuff Measurement Reference Photo by Special J Creations

Necklace Lengths

There are standard necklace lengths and I usually adhere to these. Please keep in mind that neck and bust size may affect the final length.

Check out this diagram for general necklace length guidelines:


Final Little Words About Sizing...

When In Doubt, Reach Out! All items in my shop are handmade by me. I am a one-woman, independent artisan shop and can not be responsible for incorrect sizes (unless it is by my own error) so please be sure to order mindfully in regard to sizes. Please let me know if you require additional assistance with ordering the correct size. I am here and happy to assist you!

Please look here for full Shop Policies.

Thank-you so much.