About Special J Creations: Meet the Maker


Hello. My name is Johna. I am the maker / artist / metalsmith behind Special J Creations.

My art is inspired by my love for surfing waves and the beauty of the natural world. I also find inspiration through favorite songs, books and films. I am always thinking and many ideas come to me when I am away from my studio, surfing, riding my bicycle and spending time in nature.

My jewelry creations incorporate sea glass treasures discovered on the shores of favorite surf spots as well as consciously curated stones and shells. All gems are chosen with intention. At the moment, I am especially attracted to turquoise, moonstone and variscite.

Throughout my life I have had a handful of nicknames. The name of my business came about organically by a good friend of mine who started calling me "Special J". I guess he thinks I am pretty special and I think he is, too, so here we are.

I spend most of the year in Puerto Rico in the very special, tiny northwest surf town of Rincón. The rest of my time is spent in New England reconnecting with family and friends, making my creations and roaming around in my 1989 Vanagon looking for fun waves to surf.

October through June, you will find me set up at the Rincón community markets. We have two wonderful, year-round, weekly events. The first one is Thursday Night Artwalk (4pm-10pm) and the second one is Sunday Morning Farmer's Market (8am-1pm). Both are located in the plaza in the heart of the downtown.



The past couple of summers I have not been setting up at too many artisan events in New England as I like to take time to recharge and focus on creating new designs. I find that this break helps to retain passion and creativity.


Feel free to reach out and say hello!